Visible V-8 Engine Scale 1/4

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Overview Skill Level: 5 Scale: 1/4 Length: 12" Parts: 314 Description This 1/4 Scale... mehr
Produktinformationen "Visible V-8 Engine Scale 1/4"

Skill Level: 5
Scale: 1/4
Length: 12"
Parts: 314

This 1/4 Scale Visible V-8 Engine Plastic Assembly Kit from Revell is the winner of the 2008 Parents Choice Award and Silver Honor - 1995 Doing & Learning Toys. What better way to see how an internal combustion engine works than to be able to see all of the parts move! As you turn the crank, each of the parts move, just like the real thing. The Visible V8 Engine features moving pistons and connecting rods. A hand crank operates the pistons, camshaft rocker arms and valves. The kit includes a rubber fan belt and vinyl ignition wires. Also included is a display stand and screwdriver for construction. A superb educational tool on the inner workings and construction of a V-8 engine! This is a skill level 3 model, recommended for ages 12 and up.


• 1/4 Scale

• Hand crank to operate crankshaft, pistons and valves

• Detailed carburetor and intake manifold, Rubber fan belt operates generator, pulleys and fan

• Fuel pump with operating activator arm and clear fuel bowl

• Distributor and coil wires in actual firing order

• Scale starter and solenoid

• Display Stand

• Screwdriver included

"Visible V-8 Engine Scale 1/4"
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